E - Ebony

moon, black, and night image art, artist, and lamps image wallpaper, background, and palms image food, chocolate, and dessert image

L- Lavender

Image by Marina Rodriguez purple, lilac, and theme image crystal, lilac, and purple image flowers, purple, and drink image

L - Lemon

hyuna, kpop, and yellow image flowers, aesthetic, and theme image aesthetic, friend, and lace image yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image

I - Iceberg Blue

greenland, ice, and glacier image dress and blue image aesthetic, blue, and frozen image Image by ROSEROSI10

O - Outer Space

wallpaper, planet, and space image sky, night, and space image stars, galaxy, and wallpaper image Darkness, sky, and stars image

T - Thistle Pink

flowers, bath, and pink image fashion, pink, and style image fashion, long, and pink image pink and spring image

T - Tea green

green, indie, and theme image wallpaper, waves, and art image crystal, green, and wallpaper image Image removed