❀ Here are some secrets for how to achieve the best flavours and attractive coloured water;

• I prick my berries with a toothpick before infusing them to get some colour and juice flowing in the water once infused.

• Roll the lemon in between you palms to soften it before slicing. This will ensure that you get the maximum juice whilst squeezing.

• Finally, add some flowers to your detox water. This will not only look amazing but also fragrant the water lightly.

❀ Few Reasons why I am obsessed with my Dropbottle;

• This is a prime example of fashion meets function. I have an obsession with gold and the gold cap with a transparent body was a winner here. It is such a chic and stylish accessory to have on your office desk!

• I refrained from investing in a detox water bottle until I discovered this BPA-free, glass, double walled bottle. I was only making flavoured water when I was at home where I could store it in a glass decanter and couldn’t carry it around with me. But this changed everything. It is so much convenient to carry around with its double protected wall and a carry handle.

• This bottle has a fine stainless steel infuser which is detachable and hence easy to clean.

• The overall smart look, together with the design and functionality of the dropbottle makes it stand out against others in the market and I had no reason to not buy one for myself.

beverage image

❝ We eat and drink through our eyes first and I don’t mind sipping more water from this fashion forward dropbottle.


➳ 1 Cup Blueberries
➳ 300 ml water
➳ ½ cup ice
➳ 1 Lemon
➳ Edible flowers


➳ Prick Blueberries with a toothpick and add these to your water bottle.
➳ Add water to the bottle.
➳ Roll lemon in between your palm and slice it.
➳ Squeeze lemon juice from a couple of slices and add the remaining slices to
your bottle.
➳ Add ice and close the cap.
➳ Refrigerate for about 3-4 hours for best results