Hello sunshine,
I'm sorry that I forgot the "Monday Mood" article on sunday, but I had so much to do. But now I'm back and I saw that you all realy liked my "simple fashion hacks" article and today I post something similar!
One last Thing bevor we start...I found this amazing girl on WHI:

Feminist Teen
Feminist Teen

She's super inpiring, so go and check her out!
Now let's start...

1. Blouses

fashion coffee beauty aesthetic
They add a fancy touch to the outfit and they look professional!


fashion fashion fashion Superthumb
They just look cool! :D

3. Furry Coats

clothes fashion article fashion
They look cute but they are warm and comfortable too!

4.Jeans With Statements

fashion denim
I think that statements on jeans look pretty cool and tumblr.


fashion elsa hosk bun black
I like belts because they can fixs your hole Outfit.

So, that's it I hope you like this new article and see you soon! <3