so i had a crush on a guy when i was in 7th grade. let's call him alex. at the beginning we were just two normal friends. we were talking but we were not that close. it was my first year of that school. i wasn't know anyone. so i wasn't sure that he's a good guy or not. then next year (when i was 7th grade) me and alex started texting. he was really kind & sweet with me. then one day while we're texting he told me that he loves me, at first i didn't know what to say because i thought we were like 'best friend' or close friends. so i decided to stay quiet. and when i finally thought about this, i told him that i like him too. well, we started dating but it wasn't like you think. we didn't talk at school or in real life. it was weird because we weren't even say 'hi' to each other. even tho i never showed him i really felt bad when he did some things... 8th grade came. he was really cold. i don't even remember that we texted. he called me 'bitch' in front of my friends and said some stupid stuffs. to be honest, yeah it made me angry but i knew that he changed because of his friends. i waited. we started high school. and somehow, we went to same high school/class. you know what? i really saw the real him again. it made me happy because he's such an amazing human and i want the BEST for him. soo this year, he told me that he still has feelings for me, i wasn't expecthing that to be honest. but it made me happy because i also have feelings for him, and this time i really believe that we will be so happy together.