Hi Lovely Hearters my name is Isabel :)

Here we go !!

I : ivory

food, macaroons, and white image cream, ivory, and nails image hair, braid, and blonde image bikini, fashion, and lingerie image love, car, and grunge image bedroom, home, and white image

S : silver

nails, style, and rings image hair, grey, and hairstyle image Image by quisha nails, iphone, and apple image dior and fashion image fashion, grunge, and girl image

A : apricot

orange, aesthetic, and sunset image aesthetic, makeup, and orange image quotes, orange, and tumblr image Image removed orange, aesthetic, and book image heart, aesthetic, and eye image

B : blue

fashion, jeans, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It quote image fly, girl, and power image blue, baby, and sky image rock, grunge, and jeans image

E : emerald

car, blue, and vintage image summer, pool, and friends image girl, summer, and outfit image turquoise, blue, and theme image travel, car, and nature image turquoise, city, and theme image

L : lavender

sky, purple, and sunset image sad, text, and message image purple, theme, and lilac image purple, pink, and aesthetic image purple, sky, and window image wallpaper, quotes, and aesthetic image


mar ϟ
mar ϟ

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