I’m just thinking about everything we could’ve been.

I remember the day we went to Spain for a language exchange. I saw how you looked at me and I would be lying if I said I didn’t feel anything in my stomach everytime I saw you, but I didn’t really think of it until we actually started talking.
My friends told me about the way you were looking at me when I didn’t see and how shy you were around me.
I started to build a stronger and stronger interest in you and I don’t even know how it happened but we started texting. Not talking. We were only texting because we were too shy to speak to each other in school. It’s funny how we actually acted like children haha.

When we first started texting I was blown away by how much we had in common. We liked the same sports, we wanted our futures to look similar to each other’s and we had the same humor.
In my eyes you were perfect.

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One day we met for the first time which was actually the first time we spoke to each other in person hahah. We went to the gym because I needed someone to help me take the first steps into fitness hahah. It was a little bit awkward but I enjoyed it and I would absolutely do it again!

The second time we met was at the café and I totally embarrassed myself about 100 times but it was worth it. We talked about school and our future plans. You showed me the thick science book you had to read and remember because you decided to take the oxford science test and I remember how amazed I was by your ambition and will in school.
I really loved everything about you. I really did.
But there was one problem, I gave so much to make you mine but you did not give enough. At that time I saw it as you only being shy but now when I think about it, you probably just were not that interested in me.
I stopped texting you first because I didn’t want to look like a fool and instead I waited for you to text me.
You didn’t.

So now I’m sitting here and thinking about you. I know you’re talking to this other girl but I also know she’s not worth you.
I just wish every day that you will realise that I’m the one for you.
Everyday I think about you. Every day.

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