Every girl has dreamed of her wedding at some point in life, me especially since I was little. Here's my dream wedding in pictures <3

The Dress

dress, wedding, and fashion image Image by Private User Image by Private User dentelle, plage, and princesse image

The Ring

ring, wedding, and jewelry image accessories, ring, and jewelry image love, paris, and rings image ring, jewelry, and diamond image

The Bouquet

flowers, wedding, and Dream image wedding, flowers, and dress image bouquet, flowers, and pink image bouquet, coral, and flowers image

The Cake

cake, wedding, and pinterest image Image by Private User boho, fairy, and magical image Image by Private User

My Bridesmaids

Image removed dress, wedding, and hair image dress, marriage, and wedding image wedding and maid image

The Venue

dinner image wedding and decoration image decorations, inspiration, and venue image flowers, wedding, and rose image

The Hair

beautiful, bride, and hairstyle image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image Image by Private User hair, hairstyle, and wedding image

Photograph Inspo

couple, dress, and flowers image love, couple, and wedding image wedding, couple, and beautiful image photography, weddings, and love image