I have watched many movies and I think it´s very difficult choose one so I´m going to put some of the films that are in my list.

Well, one of my favourite directors is Quentin Tarantino; I like Tarantino´s style. He is strange, excentric, a bit sadic and crazy that is exactly his particularity. So that one of my favourite films is:

-> Pulp Fiction; I really like this movie, The plot, the story, the genius way everything at the end matches and has sense. As well the characters are great. You should watch this film at least once.

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Another director I admire is Tim Burton. As Tarantino has those crazy ideas but he has a mistery and temerous side even for make really basic films. So my second film in the list is:

-> Corpse Bride; This film is great, basically it´s art. The animation is wonderful, the story is original, songs are good and the end is perfect.

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Let´s continue, next film I choose is:

-> The perks of being a wallflower; For me this film represent truth, real feelings and some problems that are more common than we think and we ignore. If you are a teenager you must see it, if not give it an opportunity it wouldn´t defraud you.

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Completel different from the other films I talked about, another film I love is:

->_Into the wild_; I love every detail of this film. The landscapes and the soundtrack are great. It teaches you to value more everthing about how money and capitalism manage our lifes deliberately. We should enjoy the little things and the simplicity of life.

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And the last one is:

-> Fight Club; It´s a film that make you think a lot and I know this is not the kind of film that everybody like but it´s a really good film with a great plot and cast.

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Thanks for reading, let me know you like my articles or not and I also accept suggestions about what to write.

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