I wanna be brave enough to get my backpack and go away to a new place where there are new things and people to discover.

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This afternoon looked really beautiful so my mom and I went out to give a walk. I just started thinking about life, I was feeling kinda sad because I did bad in an exam and that made me think about how we all have to follow the same path.

Do you know what I mean?

We have to study, go to high school, and then to the university, to find a good job, to earn money. Money that we will use for buying what we need, to buy or rent a house... but this is a vicious circle, we give our best years to a company, then we have only one month to forget about that sad life and be free, but then you have to work again, because we need money to keep going.

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That happens if you don't have your dream job but also if you work for someone else.

We should do what we really like, for example I love art, it is my passion, I like to think about new things, to draw but I am studying Business Management. Actually I can take advantage of that career and start my own business but right now I don't feel I am doing the right thing, I don't feel happy.

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I think that for being free you should follow your heart and do what you really want, and to not depend on someone else but yourself.

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I am always thinking about developing projects because in the future I just want to depend on myself, to do whatever I want, to have enough money to buy whatever I want, not worrying about schedules or money or anything.

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I just want to be free, and that's why sometimes I just wish I were brave enough to go away, travel and enjoy my time in this world.

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What are you going to do? Follow what society dictates or what your heart shouts to you hoping you will pay attention it?

-Alison G.