happy birthday weheartit!!

i frickin love this app and here's why

by nature i'm the type of person who listens to other people's problems and helps them out. that's fine, the problem is that i have trouble opening up to people and expressing my problems to them. i always have this "my problem doesn't matter so why bother letting it out" attitude about it.
weheartit changed that
now i can go on this app and do something crazy.
i can express myself
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at first when i started making articles i was just venting some things on my mind. i love writing so i thought it'd be fun to kind of virtually write what i was feeling on this "piece of paper" and then just throw it out into the world.
imagine my surprise when instantly people actually read it and liked it and connected with me. it was actually insane and i'm still blown away by the people who genuinely want to follow me to listen to what i have to say.
i also love my collections, and love how people can view my interests, see some things i appreciate, whats on my mind, etc. i love the flip side of that as well ; seeing whats on other people's minds, reading their articles, and really connecting with them.
weheartit - i love you

follow me :)


heres a few collections of mine

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