Welcome to my article. In this article I want to tell you why society's expectations are just ridiculous and why we shouldn't follow them. Almost everyday I experience how society's expectations effect the way we think or the way people think we should behave or look. There is a huge pressure on us. As a child people used to tell me that I wasn't allowed to play in dirt and get dirty because I am a girl and especially now as a teenage girl these days everyone expects you to look a certain way or behave a certain way because you are a girl but just because I'm a girl I don't have to wear pink, be skinny or always behave ladylike. I should wear the color I like, weight as much as I want to or behave however I want in that moment. In our heads we also like to judge someone automatically because for example she has an unique style or has some curves. But isn't more important to feel happy with ourselves and comfortable instead of just wearing the things that are in trend. I love to see confident girls walking around without caring what other people think even if they aren't in line with society's expectations. We should be able to wear whatever color or style we want, cut our hair as short as we want or behave the way we want without being judge immediately.
So if boys are allowed to do whatever they want, I will do whatever I want too. People just keep forgetting that human rights are women's rights too and that is exactly why I am a feminist to remind them of our rights and because equality is something really important for me.
Thank you for reading this article.