I remember who you were
Before that girl got lost
Where did you hide this girl?
Don't leave her there to dust

Why are you still hiding her?
She deserves so much more
I know that she's hidden inside you
Strongly attached to your core

Why are you embarrassed?
Can't you see what you've done?
This girl, I truly loved her
But now she's all gone

I don't know how you did it
She couldn't have left without a fight
When I look at you I see her
Even though she's out of sight

Please see what you've done
Don't leave her there for long
Even though you think it's for the good
You know that you're doing wrong

I think you're scared of her
Of all that she became
You can never be her
And you think it's all a shame

But you're the one who took her
The one who made her go away
But please keep her inside of you
I'm begging for her to stay

Because maybe one day
You'll let her come back
She'll fulfil you
Give you all you lack

I remember who you were
And I can tell that you're in pain
So please, take her back
Then you'll be you again

- M.v.Å