hello beauties! this is my first article ever & i'm sooo exicted, i thought it was a good idea to talk a little bit about myself because nobody knows me here so, let's get started because this is gonna be long (i added some questions by myself) (also i will link down below the amazing articles where i took most of the questions)
hope you enjoy!! xoxo

❀ my personality

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I would describe myself first as a very very very sleepy girl. i would be able to sleep 24 hours in a day and wake up and said: i need to go to sleep again. i love taking naps, i love pyjamas and i love my freakin bed. i love those bed days when you just dont get out of your bed except to eat & the only thing you do is read and watch movies and series. i'm also very quiet although everyone that knows me says that i'm really funny & a hurricane person. i'm very independent: one of my favorite things in the world is to being alone; to walk and go to bookshops and coffees or even just sit in a bench and see people come & go; but i also love to be with my friends. i know that this sounds stupid but i love making people happy. i love to be kind because i think this really can make someone's day. i love to think about a million things every second of the day. i love rainy days & being melancholic but also being positive and smiling: that's the reason i think i'm a 50% happy girl and a 50% sad girl.

❀ some quotes

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❀ my favorite colors

blue, aesthetic, and heart image purple, soap, and lavender image 1950s, monochrome, and 1957 image flowers, yellow, and aesthetic image
i love every colour of this world, not joking, but specially baby blue (the colour of the sky), klein blue (and all other shades of blue) lilac, soft pink & yellow

❀ food & drinks

food, pasta, and Chicken image pizza, food, and fries image coffee, milk, and drink image coffee, ice, and drink image food, waffles, and breakfast image blueberry, fruit, and food image cake, food, and strawberry image tea, drink, and vintage image
i'm vegan now & i don't eat most of this things unless they're vegan but pasta is still my favorite food, & pizza, waffles, pancakes, red velvet cake & blueberries, ugh, i love blueberries. (this sounds very cliché but i don't care) i'm a huge coffee (dark coffee & iced coffee) & tea lover, i think i wouldn't survive on earth without them. (btw i will make an article of my favourite vegan foods if you guys like)

❀ animals

dog, animal, and puppy image dog, animal, and cute image dog, animal, and cute image beautiful and cute image cat, animal, and cute image Image by 𝑎𝑑𝑣𝑒𝑛𝑡𝑢𝑟𝑒 💫 horse, animal, and nature image nature, animals, and cow image
i love all animals on the surface of the earth because mother nature is the most precious and amazing thing we have and we don't appreciate it. we must respect all the other species with we live because this is the only way we will make a better world. dalmatians are my weakness.

❀ my favourite flowers

flowers, water, and waterlily image flowers, daisy, and wallpaper image beauty, flowers, and spring image blossom, cherry, and cherryblossom image
Water lilies, daisies, pansies & sakura flower or cherry blossom.

❀ my hobbies & lifestyle

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most of the day i'm reading books & sometimes vogue & bazaar, i buy them every month & read them in a day or less. i usually go to coffees everyday & i also listen to music most of the time. i love to take photos, to write & draw too. and of course i love to sleep hahaha

❀ my favourite places

coffee, cafe, and photography image book, girl, and library image art and museum image cinema, 3d, and black and white image
coffees, bookshops, museums, cinemas

❀ my dreams & goals

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my little dreams are to have my own vynil compilation of my favourite albums & live in Paris in a little apartment while i'm studying arts

so this is it! i know this article has been so long i'm sorry. i haven't put here my favourite artists, films, series & songs but thats because i will make soon some articles about them bc i have so many that i didnt want to extend this article & bore you
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