For some reason I thought this was a good idea for my first article -Please someone hit me... I´m so shy-


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I have really (like REALLY) long light brown hair, big honey eyes, pale skin and I´m the description of a Shortie (5,1) so I always walk on my tippy toes.


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I usually go for simple outfits with a vintage twist. You will almost always see me wearing all black, but I really enjoy primary colors (especially red) and pastel pink/blue.


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I had people telling me this.. and I want to clarify, IM NOT A TOTAL BITCH! at first sight, people tend to believe I´m really cold and sassy and quiet, but when you get to know me you´ll notice I´m just an awkward goofball who trips with her own feet and it´s afraid of people -insert messy cry face here-.

.A Color:

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Red everything.

.Zodiac Sign:

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Again "I´m not just what you see," I think Capricorns are so stereotyped and actually there´s a world inside of us.


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Dance, I have the need to express feelings with my body since I can´t with my voice and I´ve been doing it since I was 7. To play the piano, I can play for hours and hours from sunrise to midnight. Travel anywhere, just pack my backpack and go wherever I feel. Read classical novels and poetry, Watch/Hear/Feel the ocean and Thrift shopping.


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Ok, so... Halsey (my queen), Zolita, Nirvana, Scorpions, Hayley Kiyoko, U2, Elvis Presley, BTS (These kids slayin me since 2013) just to name a few.


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I´m really passionate about books, especially these, I think I have read them at least 14 (that specific number) times each, English and Spanish versions.

Well, I think that´s all, see ya soon!