IN THE MORNING: In the morning your clothes must be simple without glitter.Your clothes must not be glamour.Is a good idea light color dress but and good idea is a jean or leggings.Do not put many accessories just a simple earring with a bracelet.Just your clothes must be simple with light colors.

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IN THE AFTERNOON : In the afternoon your cloths must have a little more glamour with intensively colors and accessories with gold color.Pink,purple,yellow and green are lovely for the afternoon.Is a good idea a black jacket with gold details or a simple jean jacket and if you want a black bag is perfect.

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IN THE EVENING:In the evening your clothes must be very glamour.Best clothes for the evening are red and black dresses with lace and glitter.Put earrings ,bracelet and a necklace.Put black heels . All your clothes must be glamour and beautiful.

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