It still hurts when I am thinking about you.
I can't get you out of my mind.
i am constantly thinking about you and our short but beautiful time.

When you told me that you loved her and not me you broke my heart in pieces.
I read the message and tears were falling down my cheeks.
I couldn't breathe because it hurt so much.
I couldn't believe it because I thought it was real between us.
But you lied all the time. And the worst thing is to know that you never meant it serious with me.

You left me alone although you knew that you would hurt me. But nothing stopped you from playing with me. You knew everything about me you fucking knew me better than I do.
I thought you were really interested in me.
But I was just a part of your game.

I told you everything and I trusted you.
I felt save when I was with you.
I thought that we could made it together