I'm here to brighten up your day and show you some small things that can make you happy.
Everyone has their definition of happiness, and you can find it in the things you love the most.
Enjoy it ♡

Happiness is…

1. Hearing the sound of rain

drops, gray, and grey image gif, rain, and window image autumn, rain, and leaves image rain, photography, and vintage image

2. See the sunset

sunset, sky, and sun image girl, summer, and view image love, couple, and boy image girl, beach, and sunset image

3. Blow candles

amazing, bday, and birthday image birthday cake, happy birthday, and candles image birthday, birthday cake, and blonde image girl, birthday, and cake image

4. Painting on a canvas

art, girl, and flowers image 'blue', 'draw', and 'art' image art, sea, and painting image art, girl, and painting image

5. See the stars

stars, love, and couple image friends, friendship, and night image at, girl, and stars image stars, love, and couple image

6. Sleepovers

friends, night, and sleepover image friends, food, and bff image girl, gossip girl, and friends image girl, friends, and pink image

7. Travel around the world

accessories, rucksuck, and big backpack image Image by Iza travel, rome, and italy image cool, mountain, and traveling image

8. Meet new people

quotes, love, and life image alternative, cafe, and indie image aesthetic, couple, and dark image postcard, friends, and people image

9. Soap balls

Image by blondechanel bubble, dog, and photography image board, girl, and pink image Image by kurovaulana88

10. See flowers bloom in Spring

blue, flowers, and pink image flowers, japan, and nature image flowers, yellow, and spring image spring image

11. Feeling welcome

etsy, farmhouse decor, and rustic wood sign image Temporarily removed etsy, hand painted, and welcome home image etsy, be our guest, and etsy seller image

12. Caress a pet

cat, car, and tattoo image dog, dogs, and golden image rabbit, cute, and bunny image owl and animal image

This was my first article I hope you liked it.
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Bye, see you in my next article ❤