I wrote an article a while back explaining all the classic wardrobe pieces you need in your closet including some pairs of shoes I'm going to add in this list too. Check it out!

Chelsea Boots

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These ankle boots are so versatile and add flair to an outfit. You can pair it with some trousers, jeans, or a leather jacket.

Black Pumps

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Black pumps are timeless. You can dress it up or down and pair it with almost anything. Audrey Hepburn wore it before and Kate Middleton wears it now so it's really a classic shoe.


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If you're not a fan of heels and want to be comfortable, flats are perfect. Flats are cute and feminine, you can wear them when you want to look polished and pulled together.

Black/White Sneakers

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The white Chuck Taylors and the black Old Skool Vans have been trending for a while, but they are both classics. You can wear these with almost anything and they're perfect for casual wear.

Nude Sandal

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A neutral colored sandal is perfect for spring and summer. Neutral colored shoes like tan, beige, sand, nude, and wood browns make your legs look longer and go with everything.

Strappy Heel

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Strappy heels are such a staple! These stand out in an outfit but looks simple and sophisticated. You can wear these to any formal occasion -date night, weddings, prom, etc.


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Loafers are trending right now, but they have always been around. Both men and women have been spotted wearing loafers including Scott Disick, Jaden Smith, Vanessa Hudgens, and Kendall Jenner. These make you look comfy yet put together.

Happy shoe shopping!