SO...... I asked my friend, let's call him Joshua, to be my 'Palentine'. You know Palentine is a friend you have for your Valentine and stuff. Well, I asked him out and everyone was watching and stuff, cause they thought I liked him but Nah. So I asked him out after school because the person I wanted to be my Valentine had already asked someone out, 'so I was like boy we gon do this Palentine's day lit. You bring me a gift, I bring you a gift.'
So I went out on 13th of February, bought him an ice cream cupcake and then some drinks and pizza so we could share during lunch as well as fresh strawberries and grapes. I spent 30 minutes before bed preparing the lunch and stuff. Trying to make everyone who I asked out and thought I was joking regret it.

I got to school earlier than him and one of my classmates was like 'Oh I will be your Valentine.'
I was like 'Nah, this for Joshua.'
and that's how I was telling everybody who asked me and let them take their Ls. While I was waiting for him, I went into the bathroom and put on a little makeup just to slay! I saw him and I gave him the cupcake. He took me to his class and gave me a small piece of fudge. In my head, I was like WTF! I don't even like fudge so I gave it to my friends nearby. Lessons came and went, then it was break and I just got into a fight so I wanted to rant to someone. I saw him on the staircase and I grabbed his arm and said let's go. He pulled his arm away and looked down and told me that he was ORDERED to DECLINE ME! I stopped and asked him who ORDERED him? I already knew it was one mean-ass bitch in my class, I was like alright. Let's call her Felicia. I asked him is it, Felicia. He turned away and was like yeah.....
I legit walked downstairs heart-broken, hiding my tears and shocked as shit and went to go tell my girls. They were like okay. I walked onto the field so disappointed and then after 5 minutes he came onto the field and I went to go talk to him. Told him what I went through how I really felt. Meanwhile, some of my girls told Felicia how I felt. Bitch walked up to me and was like she didn't mean it in that way. I was like okay. I gave him the drink and a slice of pizza and I walked back to class. Before then Felicia's ex got in the way and she got in a fight with him in the middle of the playground. She was so close to tears. I laughed at that bitch so hard, I almost felt sad.
A few days later I find out that after I had asked Joshua, Felicia asked him out and he was about to decline me on Valentine's Day but the boys in my class talked him out of it cause she was only using him to make her ex jealous. Man, is that how people play dirty with each other?