Hey everybody ! Two days ago I wrote my last article which was named "what to do when you want to relax" ,so I thought I could create an article series . I guess you already understood . The title is "what to do" (i know it sounds a little bit silly ,but I will change it If I find something better )

Anyway , I'm sure that all of us have wondered what to do when we are bored . We want to be productive ,right? Or not , heheh . I will tell you some ideas about what to do when you are bored my friends .

Lets start ;


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what's better than a fit body ? Basically , its not only about the physique ,but its about how you feel . Next time you are bored , do some workouts at home or go for a walk alone or with your friends .


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I love books .I love how they make you feel .I haven't imagined that by reading something , you can feel so much and cry .However ,the past months Im on a reading slump ,so I m trying to get back on tack . I will make a post for books only soon !


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You can write how you feel , you can write poems , you can write stories , or even articles here on WE ♥ IT ! I feel so nice writing . Even if noone reads these articles :(


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If you read my previous article , you know that I don't netflix ,but that doesn't mean I can't watch my favourite series or movies. So , if you are bored ,you definitely should watch a movie . Either its about teenage dramas or it is a thriller .


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I like cooking, but im not really crazy about it . I mean I can cook cakes ,crepes,pancakes ,but I'm not very interested in nothing else. Of course, you can cook when you are bored and surprise your family or you can keep it to yourself. Im sure you'll be amazed by your skills getiing better and better.


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I know it sounds boring ( it might be a little ) , but what's better than having your clothes separated by colour? Or whatever you want,that's not the problem ,but you can make the closet of your dreams ;)

That's it for today ! I hope you liked it and I wish I helped a little . If you want to message me or have any questions , do not hesitate to send me , I will be happy to talk to you ! See you in my next post !

ps. send me for article ideas ! ☻