This is my very first article on here so why not let it be the 'this is me challenge'.
I hope you find some inspiration from this and enjoy :)

  • First of my personality
adventure quotes
You could describe me as a honest, ambitiouse adventurer. And i am as loyal as a dog and i protect the people i love like one too. But once some one has crossed the line they are out of my life and mind for good.
  • I love
beach flowers Superthumb adventure
I honestly love so many things in life like my dog, hiking, the ocean, nature,...
  • My style
Superthumb Superthumb black beauty
For my style i like more dark colours, black is my everyday colour ;) Also mostly sneakers, booties and just comfortable clothes, but sometimes i like to throw in some spice. I also have a couple tattoos and piercings and this crazy long dark hair.
  • My job
adorable animal
I am a zookeeper! And get to work with the most amazing wild animals everyday
  • so talk about some good series
game of thrones Superthumb article Superthumb
TUM TUM TUTU TUUM TUM (sings along to got theme song)

So this is me.