I love traveling and every thing that comes with it. The food, the people, the new culture and so on. So here are a few of my absolute dream places!

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Let's get started!!

1. Venice, Italy

I've been wanting to go to Venice forever! It looks sooo beautiful and idyllic.

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2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I have been in love with The Netherlands for as long as I can remember, even though I never been there!

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3. Vancouver, Canada

Canada is one of the coolest countries in the world! I want to know if Canada really is the fun, silly and chill country everybody says it is!

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4. Stockholm, Sweden

I've been to Sweden many times and Stockholm too, but I love it and I would love to go there again. Stockholm is my favorite city in Sweden.

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5. Prague, Czech Republic

I don't really have a good description of why I want to go Prague, It just looks so beautiful!

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6. The Alps, Switzerland

I want to go skiing so bad and The Alps seems like the perfect place to be!

Alps, switzerland, and mountains image Alps, forest, and dark image beautiful, snow, and airplane image Alps, switzerland, and snow image

7. Warsaw, Poland

Such a gorgeous place and country with a lot of history!

beauty, city, and white image Poland, travel, and warsaw image Poland and warsaw image warsaw, place, and Poland image

8. Paris, France

An obvious dream place! The city of love, art, pastry, architecture and so much more. In addition, I love the French language.

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9. Mykonos, Greece

The perfect summer vacation spot! I've been to Greece but never Mykonos.

Image by MELINDA WORREN Image by Private User holidays to mykonos and holidays to crete image travel, Greece, and sea image

10. Bornholm, Denmark

I'm from Denmark and I really love Bornholm. 10/10 would recommend! It's one of my favorite places on earth! In Denmark we call it "The Sunshine Island". I've been there once and I will go again this summer, I can't wait!

quarry, bornholm, and rønne granit image beautiful, color, and colour image beatiful, beautiful, and nature image bornholm and rundkirke image

11. Barcelona, Spain

Beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, stunning, perfect!

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12. Seattle, USA

Because of Grey's Anatomy, coffee and drag queens. Hahaha.

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13. Los Angeles USA

All the cool people are from California. I'd love to experience the American dream and some real surf dudes and dudettes.

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14. Nicosia, Cyprus

Besides Venice this is my ultimate dream place! I just love Nicosia and I'm dying to go there!

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15. Nuuk, Greenland

My Grandpa have been to Greenland many times and he did some important work there. He is also an artist an he painted some amazing paintings of the landscape. Whenever he tell me about Nuuk I get so curious and I really want to go there.

Houses, nature, and traditions image greenland and nuuk image aurora borealis, greenland, and northern lights image greenland and nuuk image
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Das it.

Thank you so much for reading.

With love, Julie