Hate brings hate
That's what I think when I see children moking a boy because he is playing with dolls
or when I see a mother saying no to his son because he wanted a dress
Hate brings hate
because nobody was ever born with hate
Hate is taught
This is why our society is full of hate
Because we were taught to not be ourselves
to not be different
And then we'll taught this for the younger generation
And they will taught it too
But if we keep taughing that
What's gonna happen to the boy who wanted to play with dolls and buy a dress.
What's gonna happen to the girl who liked kissing girls and taking them on a date.
The answer is;
it depends
Maybe some of them will not be afraid of society or
maybe some of them will kill themselves because they couldn't take it anymore.
And nobody is doing anything to change it
Nobody is doing anything to help those childrens
Nobody is saying to them; don't worry, we accept you, you are not alone, you don't have to kill yourself.
But I hope someday people will
And I'm sure the world will be beautiful.