13.- Describe 4 weaknesses you have

Negative people

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I believe in energies and honestly being close to negative people makes me sick and kill me the good vibes

The kittens

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I think it's normal, that when I see a cat my heart becomes small because of the tenderness that they produce, it's really one of the sweetest animals on earth

The silence

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it makes me nervous to be in a very quiet place or to be in a room with people who dont speak and that from the outside doesnt come any sound, I am one of those people who could sleep with a party next to their room and sleep very well

The heat

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I could live easily in a place where it is quite cold and be happy, I detest the hot weather, going out on the street is uncomfortable, all the people put themselves in the shadow parts forcing you to stand in a place where the Sun comes directly to you, or there is no lack of people who are more sweat than person and that is a bit ugly

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