Ready to conquer the world?
Here's everything you need to look like the boss babe, you were born to be!

Fur jacket

- Faux of course. To keep you glamourous and warm throughout the could months.

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Just because..

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Tight skirt

You can dress it up or down. But you can not live without it ;-)
To look super professional and classy, make sure it's knee length.

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To protect your eyes from the sun, or simply just to look cool, either way you need a nice pair of sunglasses.

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Well done nails

Nice, clean and light nails compliment every outfit.

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Matching top and bottom set

For meetings and dining out.

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Amazing hair

There's no better accessories than gorgeous hair! - or a beautiful hijab.

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Stable handbag

Every girl need a nice handbag in their life, to carry around phone, wallet and sunglasses.

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Pointed heels

It's worth investing in some good quality heels, you will be able to wear them for hours. Plus any neutral color will go with most outfits.

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Light makeup

This is optional, do whatever you like! But here's some inspiration, for some makeup looks I fancy.

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Nothing's more important than confidence, bring it everywhere you go! Cause you rule girl!

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Thanks for reading. I hope you feel inspired.
Lots of love,