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1 | what does love mean to you?

To me, love is more than just a word to toss around. Love has a lot of meanings, not just the ' finding a soulmate ' meaning.

To me, the feeling of love is indescribable. But there are many examples of what love means to me.

To me: Love means caring about someone so deeply and unconditionally. Love means finding someone that you can trust and share your life with. Love means understanding someone's flaws and accepting them for who they are. Love means having someone that you can be honest with. Etc.

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And the best thing about love is that it doesn't only include partners, but also family and friends.

2 | why do you think we feel love?

We feel love because ...

  • we want to be happy.
  • we want to be loved.
  • we want to give back to our loved ones.

3 | do you believe in love at first sight?

Good question - nope. I don't believe in it at all. But what I do believe in is that you can feel attraction towards someone upon meeting or seeing them for the first time. Love, however, takes time, patience and understanding. Love requires you to get to know someone very well first before you're sure that you want them to be a ' constant ' in your life.

4 | do you consider yourself a romantic person?

I would like to believe I'm one. I actually can't be too sure of that because I'm, as of now, not in a relationship. However, I do think that I am capable of being an understanding and caring partner so probably!!!

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5 | in your opinion, what is the best part about being in love?

I've never been in love, so my opinion on this might change in the future. But at this very moment, I believe that the best part about being in love is, in fact, being in love. Yes, the entire process is a wild ride for all romantic relationships. Yes, all couples experience their own relationships differently. Yes, every couple has their cuddling and arguing sessions.

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As long as you're in a relationship - you're never going to stop fighting with your partner, but you're also never going to stop the urge to treat them well. I think being in love is a wonderful feeling once you've experienced it, and regardless of whether that relationship lasts or not, the memories and lessons are all worth it in the end.

6 | have you ever fallen in love with someone you can't have?

I have never fallen in love, so no. Can't begin to imagine how terrible it must feel, though.

7 | what do you expect from the love of your life?

My only expectations are someone that shares the same sense of humor as me, who is able to see things with an open-minded perspective and who can genuinely take the time to understand and accept me for who I am.

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Also!! I recently read a quote on Tumblr, and I thought this is the perfect opportunity to share it with you guys. Not everyone will agree with this quote, but I can't deny the fact that it's not entirely wrong.

❝ You make lists in your head about what you want in a lover, like brown hair and a sweet voice. A sharp mind and a soft heart, a sense of humor that actually makes you laugh like you mean it. This and that. And it’s all bullshit. Because people aren’t lists. And I’ve always wanted to be the person who made someone realize that. I want to come across someone with a list in their head that is nothing like the person I am, and I want to show them what they didn’t even know they were looking for. People who think they know what they want are fooling themselves. Nobody really knows what they want. Not until it’s right in front of them. ❞ - marianna paige

8 | have you already found the love of your life?

No, I haven't. Unfortunately, life isn't a cheesy, romantic film for most people. And by ' most people ', I mean me. However, I'm perfectly fine with waiting for the right person to come into my life instead of rushing anything.

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9 | do you think love can be forever?

I believe that yes, love can last until the day we die. But to love and be loved even after we've passed - I'm not sure. But love would've definitely made its impact on us by that time and we'll definitely carry the cherished memories of our loved ones forever.

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10 | how do you make others feel loved?

There are many ways for that. The top five ways are, of course, the 5 love languages - Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Acts of Service. Everyone has different love languages that they best relate and correspond to. For example, I believe that mine are Words of Affirmation and Quality Time.

You just have to learn what your partner would react best to, and use that knowledge to treat them well and improve on your relationship because this will show them how much you genuinely care for them.

extra | love song recs

What better way to end this article than to recommend 14 love songs that I'm either obsessed with or am currently enjoying? Let me know YOUR favourite love songs!

» can't help falling in love - elvis presley
» kiss me - ed sheeran
» heartbeats by daniela andrade
» habits of my heart - jaymes young
» strangers - halsey ft lauren jauregui
» winterbreak - MUNA
» nice - riah

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» you & i - one direction
» little do you know - alex & sierra
» you and me - shallou
» 11 blocks - wrabel
» top to toe - fenne lily
» for him. - troye sivan ft allday
» four walls - broods

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