Even though I've been here over three years now, no one really knows anything about me. I thought this might be a great way to get to know me, if anyone is curious.

aesthetic autumn
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Day 1 | List 20 random facts about yourself

1. My birthday is March 26th
2. I've been thinking about buying a van (and living in it)
3. I'm a bookworm
4. I'm really bad at keeping my room clean
5. I have a blog: https://secondstarfromtheright.blogspot.fi/

cold adventure

6. I listen to kpop
7. My cooking skills are horrible
8. I love Autumn
9. I'm not only tea/coffee person, I like them both!
10. My favourtie animal is fox

autumn apple

11. My favourite food is rice noodles
12. The Last Jedi was a good movie (but I have seen better)
13. My favourite number is 13
14. I owned a husky called Miro but he died a few years ago
15. Foggy mornings are really beautiful

autumn autumn

16. I love rain
17. and hate Winter
18. I love Disney movies
19. Writing is the best thing I know
20. I'm asocial

beautiful Superthumb fog fog
My blog: https://secondstarfromtheright.blogspot.fi/

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