Hello, cuties! I spent some good time on this article. It was a long one just because of all the photos I put here.I hope you appreciate what I have done here.

"No reason to stay is a good reason to go"
Of course, if you are talking about the place like town or country. But you should not leave the world you live in. Just in case you are feeling lonely and suicidal, I want you to read my article and understand that there are many reasons to stay on this earth and live your life.


boy beach

Sun and warm weather on sunny days

quotes, love, and icarus image


halsey, pink, and badlands image

Dogs, cats and all the animals that you can think of

adorable adorable animal animal


quotes, now, and beginning image

All the cities you haven't been to yet

city awesome asia city


city bed

Christmas and the spirit you feel on the holiday season

christmas adorable


books aesthetic

Family and close people

best friends family

Ice cream

delicious delicious


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korea city


autumn autumn aesthetic autumn


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candy blue candy cake

Falling in love

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First times

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city christmas

Fresh laundry

clothes, kitchen, and coffee image

Warm socks

chocolate chocolate autumn autumn


music, party, and concert image

Future family

love, family, and couple image

Feeling of success

quotes, motivation, and mountains image

New year and resolutions you make

new year, 2017, and quotes image

Lazy days

books bed Superthumb bath

Road trips

girl best friends


graduation image


hug, boy, and happy image

Cute things

aesthetic candy


best friends adventure


coffee cafe

Saying "I love you"

love, I Love You, and pink image

Hearing it back

love, pink, and neon image

Movie nights with your friends

girl Superthumb


couple, love, and goals image

Warm bed after a long day

girl, hair, and bed image


gucci, candles, and home image

Holding hands

boy couple

Learning new things

learning, quotes, and never image

Long walks

beach, walk, and freedom image

Deep talks at night

life conversation alone Superthumb

Favourite bands music

billboard kpop daesung lm

Missing others and being missed by others

quotes, tumblr, and grunge image

Feeling then you see someone after a long time of missing

love, hug, and couple image

Laugh and smiles

baby aesthetic

Knowing that you might be able to change the world into better place

woman, feminism, and feminist image

You have been given one life only

quotes, love, and hope image

Love you!