You glow like the snow in the mountain heights on sun;
You’re the lyrics to the melody that’s constantly hitting rewind on my track.
The night sky’s stars align into constellations when you speak;
Why’d you bat an eye if I confessed you make me weak?

Your awareness of the power that you hold
Makes me think that maybe I could let myself unfold.
You’re the reason why I started to even wonder about the world around;
You’re the new dimension, crucial for our universe that I’ve found.

Lonely wanderer tracing new road,
To who I wish the wind whispered you don’t have to fight all alone.
I observe the side-view of your face drawn in the moon light
Wishing to be the brush in hands of the artist of your eyes.

Can I duet with your serenity?
Am I capable of becoming you getaway, your remedy?
Can you welcome me to your world,
Full of marvelous creatures dancing in snow?

Do I reign the power to change your season to spring?
Do I own that charm to make your head spin?
Shall I take brighter colours on the way to your canvas?
In the garden of your soul, would you let me grow your favourite flowers?
Can I steal your mind so that you forget about every girl you’ve met?
May I leave your heartbeat love-stained?
Will you let me revive the joy in your kingdom?
Will our hearts beat in one rhythm?

I know you’ll find a way to read this piece,
So I hope a lovely grin just appeared on your face;
I hope you will finally get to see
How truly wonderful you are for me.

– the Girl with sparkles in her head

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