why do they call it a ¢ℝůƨℎ?
- because that is how you feel
when they don't feel the same
way in return
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i know why you're here. i'm telling this to myself every single morning. i'm sick of him passing by me and not even looking at me, and so are you. so, i realized i actually have a few [helpful] tips on how to make him notice me and i thought ''why not share them on whi?''. hopefully these tips will help you. leggo!

be active on his social media!

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since the majority of teens now have at least one social media account, a great way for him to notice you is check your account. you're probably wondering ''how do i make him do that?''. it's simple! a ''method'' i use is to like one of his posts when i update my profile, so he becomes curious and makes an effort to see what you've changed on your account.

do sum research!

i'm not a stalker, i'm a researcher.
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another way to get noticed by him is to do some research about what he likes, what he is good at and stuff. if you have any similar hobbies, you should talk about them [when he can hear you] with your friends. that way he may want to talk to you since you have a hobby in common!

but! if you have no similar interests, you try to get into some of them, but you don't like them do not tell him you like those hobbies just because he is into them. he will soon find out either because you're a bad liar or because you won't know what to answer to his questions about them, so please don't do that!

try to be with him as much as possible!

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you should know where your crush likes to hang out, what time he usually goes to school, when he leaves the classroom when the bell rings, ect. i know this is kind of weird and makes you a lil bit of a stalker, but it's okay, since he won't be able to understand that. just make it look that you don't do all these thing on purpose. if you're still going at school, this tip is very helpful and it works very well for me!

just be yourself!

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why are you still here? go and talk to him! be confiedent, sassy, flirt with him and don't be the shy you anymore! do you think anything will change if you just sit here doing nothing? be your crazy self and more playful! and remember; you're beautiful just the way you are and you shouldn't worry about him not liking you back, not even a little. just go for it and always be positive and hopeful! <3

now put on sum positive and cheerful music and dream about your wedding with him lmao, baii