Make sure colours are co-ordinating together. Don't wear more than 3 colours in one outfit.

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Wear something small with something big. For example: crop top with big oversized jacket; tight jeans with oversized hoodie; tight blouse with mom jeans.

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Throw all the clothes from your wardrobe if they won't suit you, are to small or too big, ect.

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Wear accessories. Sunglasses, bracelets, rings, necklace, earrings, glasses. Don't add to much. Remember, less is more.

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Personal style

Have your personal style. If you like to wear sneakers and sporty clothes wear them, don't try to wear high-heels with tight dress if you don't like it. You won't look good if you won't feel good.

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Don't wear high-heels next to a sporty outfit. Make sure, that your shoes colours co-ordinating with your clothes.

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Thrift shops

If you don't have loads of money, go thrift shopping. I don't promise that you'll find clothes after one shopping spree. Thrift shops sometimes have really nice clothes. You can look stylish on a budget.

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