Hey, cuties!So today I will share with you my favorite youtubers!I am watching youtube every day and it's one of my favorite platforms!So here are some lovely people that I believe they are worth to check them out!

➵Valeria Lipovetsky
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She is a mum, a model, a nutritionist and a youtuber, she is the definition of Girlboss!She does some amazing motivational videos that will make you wanna conquer the world!Also, love her "Chic on a budget" series!
➵Jenn Im
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I am following her for years!She does a little bit of everything, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle!Such a positive and inspiring personality.She also recently started her own fashion brand called "Eggie" in which I am totally in love!
➵AlishaMarie | AlishaMarieVlogs
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She has a main and a vlog channel!Honestly, I enjoy her vlog channel more cuz I like how relatable and chill her everyday life is!
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Honestly, she is the only beauty/make-up youtuber that I am watching for so long!She does videos for anyone, high-end and drugstore and her looks are easy to recreate!She also started her own brand with nail polishes which is called KLpolish!
➵Tess Christine
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I discovered her from her "GET THE LOOK" series that she does and I instantly fell in love with her style!I like her travel vlogs a lot as well!
➵Other Favorite Youtubers
▸Hana Lee

I hope that you found some new youtubers that you may like!Feel free to send me a message or a postcard!See ya soon xixixi ❤️

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