cool idea I saw somewhere on here, sorry I don't remember where but credit goes to who started this. also riverdale is really good so I would recommend.

☼ A T H E N A ☼

girl, beauty, and tumblr image home image girl, hands, and rings image aesthetic, black and white, and tea image house, home, and luxury image ballet, dance, and dancer image

full name - Athena Grace Parks

age - 17

hobbies - singing, dance, art and smiling

personality - funny, sensitive, loving, caring, happy, the 'mum friend' and a ray of sunshine

friend - betty, ronnie, josie, cheryl, jug, toni and sweet pea

boyfriend - archie

best friends - b and v

nicknames - a, babe (arch), spark (her dad) and sunny (v)

money situation - rich

nationality - italian (not actually greek lol)

also a northsider!

hope you liked this!