Hey everybody!

Today I wanted to share with you an incident where a friend of mine betrayed me and it really hit me. I m going to share with you my feelings, reactions & thoughts about this. Did you also experienced this thing?
(It is a bit a long article, sorry)

It was about a year ago when it happened. There was this school event and back then I was with my boyfriend together. Anyways, there was this event and me and my friends had a good time. I should mention that my boyfriend wasn't there at the moment, he was late.
Sometime a guy came up to me & he was really nice and asked for my phone number. The whole time my friends were near me and heard everything. (Lets call this specific friend Laura). After this conversation with this guy Laura came up to me and was almost crying. She said things to me like: "You are a very beautiful, perfect, smart and lovely girl, many guys like you, you have a boyfriend, she is nothing in comparison to me and she would totally die for having my life." (Just in case someone is thinking "you are so arrogant", no, this were her words , I am not making them up.) We were really close then at this time so I started to comfort her by telling that I am definitely not perfect and that someday she will find someone and be happy.

Some months passed and me & my boyfriend broke up (but we still visited the same classes & we stayd friends).

In autumn there was this school trip & somehow we couldn't find the house in the forest in which we wanted to stay. We split up in some groups and tried to find the house. The group in which I was involved, included the slowest people, but lol somehow we weren't the last that arrived!! Laura was apparently in the same group with my now exboyfriend. We found that out as she came in to the house and wore my ex's sweater. I really hadn't a problem with this. Trust me, I hadn't any feelings for him anymore. But now here's the part: With a kind of provoking voice she started: "Ohh, what would I do without his shirt?" My other friends just stood there and were like wtf. After one of my friends asked who's shirt it was, she started to play with it and named with a slow and fake tone my ex's name.
I am trying to show my point: I wasn't mad because it was my ex's, I was just disappointed of her because she thought I might still have feelings and wanted to hurt me on purpose. Friends don't do this! I was so angry! Maybe you think that I am overreacting, but I am not. It's just it could have been Winnie the poo's shirt, it doesn't matter, what matters is, she wanted to hurt me.
After this we had a discussion and she confessed that she wanted to hurt me, so I wouldn't be like "perfect" anymore.

After such things happen you can't trust them anymore. Even if they are again nice to you and hope to fix this, there is always a voice in your head telling you: "Be careful, she betrayed you, friends don't do this."