Hey there ϟ I'm a big Harry Potter fan, so when i saw @xdecembersky doing this amazing challenge, i knew this was something for me, and i would love to do this so here it is.

ϟ Which house do you belong to?


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Cunning, ambitious, resourceful, shrewd, determined

ϟ What is your Patronus?


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Defensive charm

ϟ What is your favorite female character?

Luna Lovegood

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ϟ What is your favorite male character(s)?

Ronald (Ron) Weasley

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" The king.."

Draco Malfoy

book book draco malfoy draco malfoy

Severus Snape

always alan rickman always alan rickman

ϟ What is the female character you hate the most?

Dolores Umbridge

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ϟ What is the male character you hate the most?

Peter Pettigrew

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ϟ Part(s) that made you cry?

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Sirius and Fred's Deaths

ϟ Elder Wand, Resurrection Stone or Invisibility Cloak?

Invisibility Cloak

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ϟ What is your wand?

Rowan wood

Rowan wood has always been much-favoured for wands, because it is reputed to be more protective than any other, and in my experience renders all manner of defensive charms especially strong and difficult to break. It is commonly stated that no dark witch or wizard ever owned a rowan wand, and I cannot recall a single instance where one of my own rowan wands has gone on to do evil in the world. Rowan is most happily placed with the clear-headed and the pure-hearted, but this reputation for virtue ought not to fool anyone - these wands are the equal of any, often the better, and frequently out-perform others in duels.

Dragon heartstring core

As a rule, dragon heartstrings produce wands with the most power, and which are capable of the most flamboyant spells. Dragon wands tend to learn more quickly than other types. While they can change allegiance if won from their original master, they always bond strongly with the current owner. The dragon wand tends to be easiest to turn to the Dark Arts, though it will not incline that way of its own accord. It is also the most prone of the three cores to accidents, being somewhat temperamental.

14 ¼" in length

Most wands will be in the range of between nine and fourteen inches.

Slightly Springy flexibility

Wand flexibility or rigidity denotes the degree of adaptability and willingness to change possessed by the wand-and-owner pair - although, again, this factor ought not to be considered separately from the wand wood, core and length, nor of the owner’s life experience and style of magic, all of which will combine to make the wand in question unique.

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ϟ What is your favorite subject?


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ϟ A spell you would do in real life?

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ϟ Which Ilvermorny house do you belong to?


Named by Chadwick Boot after his favourite magical beast, the Thunderbird, a beast that can create storms as it flies. Thunderbird house is sometimes considered to represent the soul of a witch or wizard. It is also said that Thunderbird favours adventurers.

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Represents the soul. Favours adventurers.