1. My favourite part - Mac Miller, Ariana grand
"you walk around so clueless to it all, like nobody is going to break your heart"

2. Snow - ZionT
"Don’t rush, there are things I haven’t told you yet"

3. fools - Troye Sivan
"Only fools fall for you, only fools fall"

night image

4. Cigarette - offonoff, Tablo, Miso
"Laying with you I feel like moving clouds high in the sky. It's been too long since I realized you're real"

5. D (half moon) - DEAN
"In the place where you used to be I can see the night sky that half-full moon looks just like me right now"

6. you, clouds, rain - Heize
"Because it was raining I thought of you"

7. fuck love - xxxtentacion
"please don't throw your love away"

Image by Gal

8. blu - offonoff
"amusement park blues"

9. dream in a dream - ten
"I'm staying up, I don't want to come down from your love"

10. lose it - SWMRS
"If all my favourite songs make me think of you, I'm gonna lose it"

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