hi guys!

first of, this is absolutely lower case intended

this is my first article so please, bare with me and my mistakes.
i've always wanted to do one of these but didn't know what to write about. but then is came to me - music! i honestly think these past few years some great albums were released so why not share it though weheart it? buckle up and let's go.

i don't know about y'all but my music taste is kind of everywhere.. so hopefully one of these albums are fit for you!

man of the woods - justin timberlake (2018)

justin timberlake image

okay i know i'm starting this list off with a really mediocre artist but i've always had a soft spot for justin timberlake. this album reminds me a lot like his older music and i think that's why i like it so much. when filthy came out earlier this year it took a few listens to like the song, but after i left it on loop and listened to it for hours on end. i'd had to say my favorite songs from man of the woods is supplies, higher higher, and midnight summer jam . i always have my fingers tapping or head nodding to these songs, they are just so catchy i love them so much.

big fish theory - vince staples (2017)

big fish, hip hop, and music image

little bit of a change from pop music, but this album is honestly the best thing that has ever happened to this generation. vince staples is one of the best artists there is. if you are up for some good bass and badass lyrics, this ones for you. for this album i enjoy homage, bagback, 745, and samo. for some reason i am always in the mood to listen to big fish theory, the lyrics are very catchy and every song has a very unique touch to it.

dangerous woman - ariana grande (2016)

ariana grande, dangerous woman, and ariana image

how can i list amazing albums without adding ariana? easy answer, i can't. i was never into ariana's music until this album came out. it is so much different compared to my everything or yours truly. this album is one of the best things anyone has ever done. every single song makes you want to get dressed up and dance like you're a god. i have managed to listen to every song over and over and fall in love with them. ariana grande has always had amazing vocals and this album really gives her the chance to show off. after going to see the dangerous woman tour in 2017, i don't think i'll ever be more amazed seeing someone live, i went into the show expecting her to hit not even half the high notes she has done throughout the album, and she managed to effortlessly hit all of them. i am very excited for the new content she'll bring this year. my favorite songs of this album has to be.. nope nevermind. i just spent 15 minutes trying to narrow down my favorites but it's too difficult. every single song is it's own masterpiece.

m an i a - fall out boy (2018)

purple, mania, and young and menace image
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let's just say my experience with this album has been... a rollercoaster. i have listened to fall out boy for so long. when ab/ap came out, let's just say i was in my emo phase. and if i had to tell my younger self that i wouldn't be getting a new album for three years-i would have lost my mind. after patrick decided to push the album release till this january, i was about to actually physically combust. but fast foward to now i am definitely pleased with the album! i really like the style and unique twist to it, my favorites off the album are bishops knife trick, stay frosty royal milk tea, and sunshine riptide. overall the lyrics are very well written and the album has to be one of their best.

honorable mentions!

flower boy - tyler the creator

reputation - taylor swift

anything kanye has done in the past two years let's be real.

and i think that wraps up my first article! i'm sorry there wasn't as many albums but i hope you guys enjoyed :)