as you can probably tell from me writing this article, i'm a bubble tea addict. sometimes, i simply can't be bothered to go out to buy it so why not make it at home?

what you'll need

+ water
+ black boba pearls
+ milk
+ a sweetener
+ tea


1. add a handful of boba pearls to boiling water and leave them on a lower heat until the pearls have expanded and are squishy.

2. at the same time, brew a batch of tea [ i prefer black, but you can use any kind ].

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3. once they're cooked, drain and rinse your boba under cold water. this will rinse of the natural starch. add them to a cup or jar and pour in enough tea so that the pearls are submerged.

4. add your water and milk to the desired amount and sweeten to taste [ i use agave syrup ].

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5. pop in a boba straw [ can be found at DAISO ] and you're done!

once you know the recipe well enough, feel free to experiment with it and make your own bubble tea creations!

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thankyou for reading! if you made any of your own, let me know how it went :)

- miu