Now and then, life can be a bit boring. You feel restless, nothing comes to your mind and a block inside stops you from thinking. It’s confusing and irritating because you want to use your brain and figure something out, but you can’t. So why is it that being bored is a good thing?

Recently, I realized how my body and brain benefits from being bored and restless. Just like anyone else I would feel like my day was ruined because I couldn’t think of anything to do, but the next few days would be completely the opposite. After a whole day of doing nothing I found myself being very productive, ideas and solutions came to my mind and my creativity kept increasing. I felt recharged and full of energy. That’s when it crossed my mind, that maybe boredom is our bodies way of recharging and get us back on track. Sometimes we need to start over in order to find solutions and new ideas, and that’s exactly what our bodies are doing.

Whenever you feel bored and kind of stuck, just know that something good is coming your way.