Here are some crucial tips to help you improve your inner health and satisfaction, and your outward appearance and to help you achieve that natural glow.

I love research and am always curious to find natural ways to feel and look better. This isn't just from my head is what I mean. Hope you can learn something new from this. xx Mia

1. Water
Remember to drink heaps of water, we should all be drinking around 2 litres a day. It sounds a lot, but it is easy to do if you carry a large reusable water bottle and take sips throughout the day. Water helps cleanse your body from the inside out and helps release toxins from your skin, this improves the dryness of your skin and reduces pimples.

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2. Face washes and face masks
Face washes are super great to hydrate your skin and also remove that grotty makeup which makeup wipes might leave behind to seep into your skin and create horrible pimples. A face wash in the morning is also important to wash off dirt and oil which was collected over the night, it also stimulates your blood flow and refreshes your pores. This can help to wake your tired eyes up and get away those puffy eyelids and under eye bags. (For bad under eye bags try haemorrhoid cream, as funny as it sounds, it really gets the job done well)

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Face masks are great to activate that natural stimulation in your skin. They also remove dead skin, pull out those nasty little blackheads and hydrate your skin. Make sure to check the ingredients on cheaper face masks to make sure it isn't going to harm your skin.

3. Diet
What you eat should be a balance. It is totally fine to eat sweets sometimes and enjoy yourself, but make sure to balance that out with healthier options. Try to eat proteins and natural fats which help your nails and hair. Also try to avoid greasy and sugary foods which create pimples.

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4. Sleep
Getting some good zzz is very important to ensure you feel vibrant and look awake. Personally I struggle with the ability to want to sleep, in fact I'd much rather stay awake writing articles on We Heart It. Try to set a sleep schedule and try to stick to it to ensure you are achieving the best possible sleep. Sleep helps you grow also, so keep that in mind. Any aspiring models, sleep more.

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5. Positive Mind = Positive Results
Try to change your way of thinking. Become more positive and focus on happy things if you can. As cheesy as it may sound, smile more, it create endorphins which will end up actually making you want to smile. Try it now!

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6. Exercises
Try to do some exercises each day to ensure mental health and also physical health.

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7. Face and body massages
This theory is actually very much scientifically proven. If you want to for example, increase breast size, massages can help do that. There are many online websites which show you effective and simple massages to do to naturally increase your cup size. Face massages can also get fluid out of your face if you feel puffy or tired one morning before picture day or even a date. Make sure you push away from the centre of your face to drain any fluid into your neck and down that way.

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8. Hygeine
Hygiene is probably one of the most important factors in looking and feeling your best. Washing your hair can make you feel lighter and prettier. Getting rid of that natural grease which forms can lift your hair and help you look less tired. Smelling nice can also subconsciously make you feel more attractive and confident. Showering wakes you up and resets your body into a clean and renewed state. Go and grab your bath bomb!

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