Good morning hearters ♥

Sorry for not uploading yesterday but university is really killing me. Moreover, there was Harry Potter on TV last night and I could not absolutely miss it ♥ but I'm going to catch up, as today I'm uploading both my Tuesday an Wednesday meal plan.
Enjoy ☺

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3 rusks + jam + 1 glass milk, so pretty much the same as Monday

Morning snack

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1 yogurt. Yesterday I had a vanilla one ♥ sooo yummy


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120g bresaola (which is basically a type of low fat ready-sliced meat) + 200g boiled or backed potatoes + 1 teaspoon olive oil + 1 pear

Afternoon snack

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20g whole wheat biscuits + tea of you choice. Today I've switched it again and I've gone with earl gray, always by Twinings of course ☺


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50g rice + vegetables sup (to do it I recommend using seasonal veggies because they're the richest in vitamins) + 200g boiled veggies of your choices (I decided to have carrots) + 1 teaspoon flax seed oil (which is full of omega 3) + 1 orange

As you can see this meal plan is very flexible and varied and that's why I like it. Every day there is something new!

Eating healthy without having to renounce to flavour and diversity is possible. You just have to eat the right things ☺

♦ If you guys have got any suggestions of some healthy options I haven't considered, send me a postcard. I'm really curious to find and taste new kinds of food ♦

As promised today I'll also publish the Wednesday meal plan 😉
Wish you a very happy Wednesday ♥