So I decided to share with you my workout routine(s). Sometimes when you don't have a workout already set, it gets hard to be on your fitness journey. I designed my workouts so that each month is different and I won't plateau

Disclaimer and note:
Okay so this is my workout list for this year (2018). I designed my workouts in order for me to reach my goals for my body. I want to lose fat (specifically in my arms & waist/stomach), gain muscle on my arms, legs, and my glutes, and become stronger.
You can take my workouts and make it yours as it is or you can alternate it in order to fit your goal(s). Not all of the workouts per month are the same. Some are 2-day or 3-day splits. This is somewhat the same as a 4 day split (working out 4x a week) but instead of 4 days your working out 2x or 3x a week and training different body parts.
You can include an extra 3rd or 4th day for full body if you want. Do not and I MEAN DO NOT START WORKING OUT (if you're a beginner) WITH REALLY HEAVY WEIGHTS. You will hurt yourself and cause some physical damage. At least start with 10-20 lbs the first month and gradually start adding more weights per month. Also, if I don't have a body part that you want to also exercise, add that into the list. And most importantly make sure you're doing the exercises with proper form. You can look on youtube for a tutorial. Trust me, you'll learn things you probably didn't know like I did.

Here are my workouts:
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