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I can not stand fortunetellers. I was once told that I have a short line of life, and bad forebodings tormented me about seventy years.

  Photography is a cruel art. It pulls out of the past and drags into the future individual moments, moments that were supposed to go nowhere with their time, stay in memories, shine through the haze of new events. Photo makes us see people as they were before they were bent by the time before they found their end.

  "A woman can not be too rich and too slim."

  Only a person who is dissatisfied with the present wants to know the future.

  I know a lot about secrets, they have become a matter of my life. Perhaps it seemed to me that the more I know about secrets, the easier it would be to hide my own.

  True love is a terrible disease.

  "Most of the murders are committed by people who swore to each other in love to the grave."