"Can we still be friends?" he asked.

This question lingers in my mind but ever since my answer to this question is "no" - which may also mean NOT YET.

Why? because for me, it will be harder to let go especially when you just recently called it quits. During the process, first thing you would think about are the times that you've spent together, the memories of good and bad, and the feeling. It's hard to be friends in this stage. You are still grieving, maybe you would move on to the next step... BARGAINING..

Not everyone has another shot/ chance at this. This stage is a make or break. So do you still wanna be friends? -- NOT YET.

"Make the break up as your strongest motivation for self improvement"
(that's what I tell myself)

I guess in time, remembering the past failed relationship, I would say that if anger fades away and acceptance has overcome everything.

Yes, you may still be friends.

But if you're still hoping for something... then NOT YET