A. Age

I'm 14 years old (I'm a babyyyy).

B. Best Movie

The Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club, movie, and Breakfast Club image The Breakfast Club, movie, and 80s image

C. Current time


D. Drink you last had


fiji, water, and tumblr image water, blk, and grunge image

E. Everyday starts with

My phone alarm (unless they are vacations)

aesthetic, pale, and soft image

F. Favourite song

This summer - Maroon Five (I have a looooooot; random fav song, lmao)

summer, beach, and ocean image tattoo image

G. Grossest memory

WTF I don't know.

I. In love with

Books, TV series, movies, music, coffee, recipes, dogs, clothes, asians...

army, chimmy, and fandom image cake, chocolate, and food image coffee, book, and drink image book, vintage, and library image

J. Jealous

Only with friends (I don't have boyfriend lol)

K. Killed someone?

Nope, but I want (just joking... or no?)

L. Last time you cried?

Five days ago.

M. Middle name.

I don't have.

N. Number of siblings

1: an older sister.

O. One wish

To find myself.

P. Person you last called/texted

My friend.

Q. Question you're always asked

"Are you kiddng me?"

R. Reasons to smile

The oxygen is free, enjoy it.

car, pink, and pool image OMG image

S. Song you last sang

River - Ed Sheeran, Eminem.

Mature image cause, eminem, and guitar image

T. Time you woke up


U. Underwear color

Grey (picture of my bra xd)

Temporarily removed Calvin Klein, body, and fitness image

V. Vacation place(s)

Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka (Japan), Witches (Belgium), New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Ángeles, San Francisco, New Orleans (USA), Prague (Czech Republic), Venice (Italy), Vienna (Austria), and the list continues.

sunset, bridge, and sky image light, travel, and venice image austria, city, and home image aesthetic, city, and place image new orleans and usa image

W. Worst habit

I forget viewing and answering messages.

X. Xrays you've had

My teeth.

Y. Your favourite food

Pies, spaguettis... I can't choose one.

food, pie, and fall image food, pasta, and cheese image

Z. Zodica sign


anime, anime girl, and beautiful image aries, zodiac, and stars image

Thanks 4 reading!