Alright, well, this is new for me... oh boy. Here we go..
So, I've never really been one to focus on taking care of myself ( emotionally, physically, or mentally ), but in the last couple of years, a lot has happened. Not just to me; to my friends and family members too. Honestly, because of everything I've been through in only 18 years, I have realized that I need to start focusing on myself. So that's what this article is about. #SelfLOVE

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I'm really hoping that whoever reads this article, whether you're a girl, boy, or whatever you want to be, you deserve to be happy with yourself. Everyone should love themselves and I wish it didn't take me 18 years to figure that out.

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Something that really helped me realize that I matter to people ( not a TON of people, but enough ), was getting out and meeting actual people. Socializing! I know that a lot of people have a hard time with going out and interacting with complete strangers; I did too. The thing is though, it's a skill you need in life. No matter how hard you wish for it, people are not gonna go away forever. Once I realized that it was easier to talk to them and be happy while doing it because I was meeting cool people who make me happy.

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Something else that's been making me like myself more is that I've been going outside and exercising. When I was a kid I loved skateboarding, but when I got older I "got too busy" to go out and skate. I've been making the time for it and it's really helped me feel better in like every area of my being. I feel good cause of the exercise, the sunshine, the random interactions with other people ( Side note, I usually go skating in the afternoon like every couple days, but every time I see this same dude riding his bike and wearing only tie dyed clothes. And each time he gives me a high five and says "Keep it real girl." Seriously. ) Any kind of exercise you like will do, but it seriously helps increase your self worth.

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Another thing is I've become more proud of my looks. For this... I really don't know how or why I've started liking myself. It could be a combination of things for me personally. Maybe it's the fact that I've been working out, or that I've been investing in makeup that I really love, or clothes I feel like I wear well ( or maybe it's the my new boyfriend... EITHER WAY I DON'T COMPLETELY HATE MY LOOKS ANYMORE ) But whatever you can do to make you look in the mirror and smile, do it. Wear those light wash jeans. Wear that statement necklace to school. Wear full face makeup to the grocery store. You absolutely don't need a boyfriend or girlfriend to make you feel confident and strong, all you need is to do what you want and do it without a care.

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Guys, I've learned firsthand that SelfLOVE is MEGA important. So, do the things you love! Talk to the people who make you laugh. Wear the things that make you feel beautiful, sexy, smart, one of a kind, and confident. But most importantly, learn that other people's opinions DO NOT define who you are.

You are you and you're already perfect.