hey sweethearts! i saw this idea and fell in love with it cause i just adore colors so much. i had so much fun looking for the colors i will use, i found some colors with such weird names that i've never heard of before.

i got inspired from the following article:

i hope you like it :)

my name is "Mariana"


yellow, aesthetic, and indie image yellow, aesthetic, and quotes image bee, quotes, and yellow image yellow, aesthetic, and blanket image

A↠ amethyst

purple, eyes, and eye image amethyst and purple image

R↠ red

lesbian, kiss, and red image art, red, and quotes image vintage, rose, and aesthetic image red, aesthetic, and sweater image

I↠ ivory

car, vintage, and aesthetic image aesthetic, mirror, and white image snake, white, and aesthetic image chaos and aesthetic image

A↠ apricot

peach, building, and aesthetic image makeup, glitter, and aesthetic image

N↠ navy blue

blue, theme, and aesthetic image girl, night, and blue image aesthetic, blue, and navy image blue, aesthetic, and velvet image

A↠ asparagus

Image removed quotes, green, and people image
yes, this is an actual type of green

wow my name has three a's, i will never get over that.

so, that was quite short but still i think it looks pretty and i always have fun doing this stuff.

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remember that you're beautiful and awesome, don't let anyone take you down, i love you.

bye xx