I saw poeple making aesthetic characters from childhood shows and I fell in love so I am making one of my favorites.

Jake Long

2PM, abs, and asian image boy, skate, and skateboard image dragon, aesthetic, and dark image fashion image


girl, black and white, and smile image eyes, blue, and makeup image fashion, aesthetic, and beauty image flexibility, girl, and karate image

Luong Lao Shi

dragon, fantasy, and eye image antique, art, and photography image aesthetic, chemistry, and cool image dog, photography, and cute image


makeup, beauty, and black image girl, adidas, and skateboard image clothes image Mature image


5sos, michael clifford, and 5 seconds of summer image Temporarily removed skate, boy, and city image black, allblack, and boys image

Hayle Long

korean and ulzzang image pastel, pink, and aesthetic image fashion, outfit, and style image unicorn and pink image


boy, boys, and gays image aesthetic, beauty, and fuck image aesthetic, american football, and black image this is us and logan shroyer image

Sara and Kara

Image by Bella Rosa girl, hair, and beauty image hands, grunge, and blue image aesthetic, beach, and photo image


loren, loren gray, and lorengray image cheerleader, blood, and high school image hair, blonde, and hairstyle image aesthetic, quotes, and slytherin image