In the future I'm planning on getting a tattoo or two and these are just some of the ideas I have for them:

tattoo, flowers, and art image tattoo, flowers, and rose image tattoo, flowers, and ink image tattoo, flowers, and pink image
1 - Flowers
tattoo and earth image tattoo, planet, and red image tattoo, planet, and grunge image Image by Mariana Davila Lopez
2 - Space/solar system
tattoo, arctic monkeys, and grunge image Inspiring Image on We Heart It tattoo, music, and play image music, tattoo, and life image
3 - Something "techie"
tatto image amazing, beautiful, and beauty image tattoo and tree image tattoo and tree image
4 - Tree
Image by peggy tattoo and anchor image Image by edavelle therese tattoo, waves, and ocean image
5 - Water/anchor
tattoo, peter pan, and black image black, wonderland, and fairytale image book, tattoo, and disney image tattoo, lion king, and simba image
6 - Disney