° A song you like with a colour in the title

RED by Taylor Swift

love, quotes, and red image aesthetic, artist, and blue image
Forgetting him was like trying to know somebody you've never met, but loving him was red.

° A song you like with a number as title

1-800-273-8255 by Logic

logic image logic and 1-800 image
Is the very first breath when you heads been drowning underwater.

° A song that reminds you of the summer time

All Night by The Vamps

the vamps, bradley simpson, and brad image the vamps image
Wide awake that's okay, as long as I'm with you.

° A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

FOOLS by Troye Sivan

quotes, black, and sad image quotes, fools, and grunge image
I see swimming pools and living rooms and aeroplanes I see a little house on the hill and children's names I see quiet nights poured over ice and Tanqueray.

° A song that needs to be played loud

Come On Eileen by Dexys Midnight Runners

emma watson, dance, and living room routine image music, come on eileen, and dexy's midnight runners image
Come on Eileen, oh I swear (what he means) At this moment, you mean everything You in that dress, my thoughts I confess Verge on dirty Ah, come on Eileen

° A song that makes you want to dance

Havana by Camila Cabello

album, havana, and heart image album, havana, and lyric image
Ooh-ooh-ooh, I knew it when I met him I loved him when I left him

° A song to drive to

Drive it like you stole it by Sing Street

Image by GL quotes, life, and music image
This is your life You can go anywhere You gotta grab the wheel and own it And drive it like you stole it

° A song about drugs or alcohol

Happy Little Pill by Troye Sivan

sky, quotes, and troye sivan image quotes, troye sivan, and grunge image
Oh, glazed eyes, empty hearts Buying happy from shopping carts Nothing but time to kill Sipping life from bottles Tight skin, bodyguards Gucci down the boulevard Cocaine, dollar bills

° A song that makes you happy

Why Not by Hillary Duff

quote image Hilary Duff, lizzie mcguire, and celebrity image
Why not Take a star from the sky Why not Spread your wings and fly It may take a little Or it might take a lot But why not Why not

° A song that makes you sad

It's Quiet Uptown by Hamilton

hamilton, Lyrics, and alexander hamilton image hamilton, philip hamilton, and hamiltears image
(If you see him in the street, walking by himself Talking to himself, have pity) You would like it uptown, it's quiet uptown (He is working through the unimaginable His hair has gone grey, he passes every day They say he walks the length of the city) You knock me out, I fall apart (Can you imagine?)

° A song you never get tired of

Somebody Else by The 1975

pink, light, and neon image quotes, tumblr, and aesthetic image
I don't want your body but I hate to think about you with Somebody Else.

° A song from your pre-teen years

Baby by Justin Bieber

2010, justin bieber, and bieber image justin bieber, kidrauhl, and justin image
You know you love me, I know you care Just shout whenever and I'll be there You are my love, you are my heart And we will never, ever, ever be apart

° A song you like from the 70's

Dancing Queen by ABBA

Abba, adorable, and beautiful image Abba, dancing queen, and mamma mia! image
You can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life.

° A song you'd love to be played at your wedding

L O V E by Nat Cole King

extraordinary, gaze, and Lyrics image blue green, Lyrics, and nat king cole image
Love is all that I can give to you. Love is more than just a game for two.

° A song you like that's a cover by other artist/s

Faded by Conor Maynard

boy, ️youtubers, and guy image aesthetic, faded, and quote image
Where are you now Atlantis Under the sea Under the sea Where are you now Another dream The monsters running wild inside of me I'm faded

° A song that's a classic favorite

Don't Stop Believing by Journey

glee, journey, and lea michele image glee, Lyrics, and finn hudson image
Just a small town girl, leaving in a lonely world, she took the midnight train going anywhere.

° A song you'd sing a duet with someone on karaoke

Summer Nights by Grease

gif, grease, and love image grease, couple, and movie image
Summer loving happened so fast. I met a girl crazy for me. I met a boy cute as can be.

° An oldie, but a goodie

Mr. Brightside by The Killers

song, background, and wallpaper image the killers, mr brightside, and thekillers image
And it's all in my head But she's touching his chest Now, he takes off her dress Now, letting me go I just can't look its killing me

° A song that makes you think about life

Good Life by OneRepublic

quotes, good, and life image friends, light, and friendship image
When you're happy like a fool Let it take you over When everything is out You gotta take it in

° A song that has many meanings to you

Milk and Cookies by Melanie Martinez

aesthetic, crybaby, and grunge image little, Lyrics, and milk and cookies image
Hush, little baby, drink your spoiled milk. I'm fucking crazy, need my prescription filled. Do you like my cookies. They're made just for you. A little bit of sugar, but lots of poison, too

° A song with a person's name in the title

Olivia by One Direction

olivia, one idrection, and olivia lyrics image color, creation, and flowers image
I live for you, I long for you, Olivia.

° A song to listen to when you're in love

Enchanted by Taylor Swift (I don't like her but her music is gold)

quotes image quotes, pink, and rose gold image
The lingering question kept me up 2 AM, who do you love? I wonder 'til I'm wide awake. And now I'm pacing back and forth wishing you were at my door I'd open up and you would say, "Hey, It was enchanting to meet you"

° A song you think everybody should listen to

Wait for it by Hamilton (Aaron Burr)

aesthetic, background, and floral image aesthetic, background, and floral image
Life doesn't descriminate between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes, but we keep living anyway.

° A song by a band you wish were still together

What a Feeling by One Direction

quotes, one direction, and Lyrics image stars, beach, and eyes image
Through the wire, through the wire, through the wire I'm watching her dance dress is catching the light. In her eyes there's no lies, no lies there's no question, she's not in a disguise

° A song by an artist no longer living

You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

legend, michael jackson, and kingofpop image michael jackson and king of pop image
You are not alone, I'm here with you, though you're far away, I am here to stay.

° A song that makes you want to fall in love

My My My! by Troye Sivan

smile, black, and icon image quotes, grunge, and aesthetic image
I die every night with you.

°_A song that breaks your heart_

Just a Little Bit of Your Heart by Ariana Grande

quotes, red, and heart image iloveu and sad image
I'll never ask you where you been, cause I don't feel the need to know who you're with.

° A song by an artist you love

WOMAN by Harry Styles

aesthetic, black, and Lyrics image pink, Harry Styles, and aesthetic image
Selfish I know, but I don't ever wanna see you with him.

° A song you remember from your childhood

Best of Both Wolrds by Hannah Montana

hannah montana and miley cyrus image miley cyrus, hannah montana, and gif image
You get the limo out front. Hottest styles, every shoe, every color. Yeah, when you're famous, it can be kinda fun it's really you, but no one ever discovers

° A song that reminds you of yourself

Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran, cold coffee, and wallpaper image phrases, quote, and song image
She's like cold coffee in the morning I'm drunk off last nights whisky and coke She'll make me shiver without warning And make me laugh as if I'm in on the joke